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28.03.2009 - guilty...?
the most productive band of the world did it again: you can download the new jagat skad ep "everybody knows we're thieves" right here (42,6 mb).
23.03.2009 - rio artus
the new artorius-design gallery got some new music.
and as usual i've added another annotation: for the "last night when we were young" ep that spreads the word about jagat skad all over the world.
15.12.2008 - it's the end of the year as we know it
if there's no new album, then at least we can make another ep before the year ends: "last night when we were young" (40,3 mb)
i used this occasion to add annotations for 2 of this years jagat skad releases.
31.07.2008 - my block...!... ...?
a harbinger of the next jagat skad album: an ep named "reclaim your city" (36,4 mb)
09.05.2008 - an update named "cornelius"
even after two jagat skad albums in a row there are some leftovers which can now be found here and here (92 mb).
furthermore i did a horn arrangement for a demo by unisex which can be found nowhere.
31.03.2008 - "the dream is over"
it hasn't even been two weeks, but here is another jagat skad album: "the way home" is the "evil brother" of "farewell". both together make a whole which is to be explored by you...
28.03.2008 - "the ensemble has left the building"
after a two-year creative break the first / last octanka ensemble album has finally been released.
visit www.octanka-ensemble.de.vu or » music » misc. for more information.
21.03.2008 - farewell...
finally, after what felt like 10 years, the new jagat skad album has been released.
you may listen to it on last.fm, or download it here (79,7 mb).
01.02.2008 - white is the new black
as you can see, i have redesigned the site a bit.
you can now (thanks to last.fm) listen and/or download almost every song.
18.12.2007 - last update of the year, part 3: not a "farewell", but...
sad news: we haven't managed to complete the new jagat skad album
good news: if you've never had the chance to see jagat skad live, you can now (partially) experience it online, for more go to »music »jagat skad. and if that wasn't enough, there are also some pictures from recent recording sessions.
15.11.2007 - last update of the year, part 2: artorius
i made some background music for the artorius design picture gallery.
26.10.2007 - last update of the year, part 1: insomnia III
there is a new insomnia ep for download.
due to the lack of webspace the mp3-player has changed, downloads are a little more complicated and the site is......a.....little......slower......
back with a new piece of music, not here though, it was composed exclusively for schnorbsel.de. furthermore i've started commenting on the various releases presented here. to read it click "annotation" below the respective release.
the 80s are back... at least for electric felix & his space-robot-band in the form of a new remix. additionally you can now pre-listen all downloadable mp3s by clicking the small speaker-button on the top right (though the quality is not as good as the downloadable ones).
www.jenskarsunke.de now in english as well. not much else to say except for a few small changes to the site...
welcome to the new and without doubt best incarnation of www.jenskarsunke.de! in the past few weeks i spent a lot of time (but of course no money) on the creation of this website.
for this reason there are three new mp3-files for download: "insomnia II" - an ep and a new demo-mix as a teaser for the forthcoming "one..."-album.